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Which Zodiac Sign Is More Jealous?


Which Zodiac Sign Is More Jealous?” This is the question that might cross your mind when you search for each month’s personality. We are here to answer your questions.

Jealousy is something that everyone has experienced at some time in their life. Also, we must have felt envious when we saw our love enjoying flirting with other people or if someone tried to impress our lover. This is a highly prevalent emotion that occurs due to feelings of love, desire, and possessiveness for another person.

Astrological zodiac signs impact our emotions significantly, and their actions reveal a great deal about our thoughts and feelings. Let’s look at each sign to know which zodiac sign is more jealous.

Stay with Zhinmag to know everything about which zodiac sign is more jealous.

What Is Jealousy & Which Zodiac Sign Is More Jealous?

Which Zodiac Sign Is More Jealous

The idea of jealousy is so difficult to grasp. We bring harm to others and interfere with their life just because we have a strong emotional reaction known as jealousy. Also, we become our worst selves when we feel this way. Accordingly, whether we realize it or not, we end up interfering in someone else’s business because of a sense of fear and worry, even though we didn’t want to.

If we use the zodiac signs as an example, we can see that not everyone is envious, unlike the most jealous zodiac signs. In other words, it’s a part of our nature. Some of us don’t care about what other people have or achieve, while others get enraged when their ex begins dating someone else.  To compound things, they don’t want to watch anybody else have fun with their ex – this is what jealousy is all about.

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Which Zodiac Sign Is Most Envious of Others?

If you’re curious about which zodiac sign is more jealous, keep reading. 


Which Zodiac Sign Is More Jealous

The Taurus zodiac sign is known for its tendency to be possessive. To show their love for the person they care about, they want to make a luxurious lifestyle that they can both enjoy. What causes problems is when people consider their relationship as something that belongs only to them, something they need to protect and preserve like a precious commodity. Because of this, they might feel overwhelmed when they demand all of their partner’s attention. Taurus has learned the hard way far too many times that this is how you drive people away from you.

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Which Zodiac Sign Is More Jealous

This is an earth sign, so be careful! People who are Virgos are envious of your work and financial security. Even if they realize you are actually deserving, they still desire your position, power, and influence. If you are extremely successful in your profession, your Virgo colleagues will surely be envious of your achievements.

The largest issue that Virgos have is that they want everything in their lives to be safe and secure, and they believe that having a good career is the best way to achieve this. Virgos has a hidden Excel spreadsheet to guide them when it comes to manifesting their dreams. You should probably hold off on announcing your new promotion till all Virgos are out of hearing.

Gemini | Which Zodiac Sign Is More Jealous?

Which Zodiac Sign Is More Jealous

Geminis are envious of your social standing. Geminis want the spotlight as communicators since they’re so great at it. To them, everyone else is a worthless person, and they’d rather not see anybody else (particularly you) taking their place.

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Remember that Geminis are cunning and may use their abilities to reflect your fears back at you, so be on the alert for this deceptive sign. On the other hand, avoid the wrath of a Gemini’s jealousy by keeping quiet and resisting engaging in their wordplay. You must always be truthful and honest with them to win their trust.

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Which Zodiac Sign Is More Jealous

In a relationship, Leos expect to be the center of attention and the receiver of all their partner’s devotion. This isn’t a problem in most cases, since this sign is known for being loyal and warm-hearted. But when Leo feels they aren’t receiving the attention they deserve, they might rapidly become angry and jealous. In the end, this sign is all about the ego, and when it’s damaged, they might begin to believe the worst about themselves. The outcome is that this sign will tend to withdraw within and become frigid as they walk off to heal their wounds – whether imagined or genuine.

Scorpio | Which Zodiac Sign Is More Jealous?

Which Zodiac Sign Is More Jealous

Those born under this sign are the most envious of any sign in the zodiac. The truth is that they have a hard time trusting anybody in general, so it’s no surprise that the same holds true for their friendships. Among other things, this is due to the fact that Scorpios are both in control of and overwhelmed by their emotions. This water sign has a hard time letting go of those emotions since they are so intense. Because of this, Scorpio is always on the defensive. They believe it’s better to be prepared for the worst than to be surprised. 

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