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Yas biography and facts


Yaser Bakhtiari  biography

Yas is one of the Iranian famous rappers who has become very popular because of his social songs. He is one of the most experienced Iranian rap singers who has a lot of credibility in this field.

Yaser Bakhtiari  biography

Yas biography

Yas (Yaser Bakhtiari) was born on June 22, 1982, in Talesh city, Guilan province. He is a rapper. He has a diploma and dropped out of university. He has three sisters and one younger brother. The theme of most of Yas’s songs is criticism and protest against social problems and crises such as poverty, addiction, unemployment, war, prostitution, suicide, divorce, etc. Yas is one of the first Persian rappers and the first Persian rapper who got permission to distribute his music in Iran. His first song that was legally released in Iran was called “Yadet Nare” which he performed with Majid Ghafouri, a pop singer.

Yas biography and facts

The first years of his life

Yas first started listening to rap music when he was 16 when his father returned from his business trip in Germany and brought him Tupac’s latest CD. Yas, who had to accept the responsibility of his family after the death of his father at the age of 18, faced financial problems due to the debts left by his father, as a result, he left university and started working. During this period, Yass started writing poems which he later turned into music with his high school friend Mita Maleki. After the Bam earthquake in Iran, Yas sang and published a song titled “Bam” composed by Mita Maleki, which is considered the beginning of his singing career.

He said about his songs: I don’t curse in my songs and I don’t sing anything to confirm issues like sex and violations. I want to proudly perform my songs in front of my family. My song usually starts with criticisms of the problems of society. But the end is always hope. The importance of this work is to inspire the new generation to use their best potential and latent power. We need this.

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Yas concerts outside Iran

Yas concerts outside Iran

Yas has held many concerts in different American cities, which have been well received. He has participated in a musical meeting aimed at introducing and developing Persian rap at Michigan University. He has also performed programs in the form of concerts in London, Dubai, Qatar, Montreal and Toronto, Canada, Milan and Georgia. Also, he has organized social concerts in big cities in Iran such as Torbat Heydarieh.

The first song Yas

The first song

Her first song was released after the Bam earthquake in Iran whose title was Bam. It was composed by Mita Maleki, and this is considered the beginning of her professional singing career.

Marriage and spouse Yas

Marriage and spouse

There is no information about whether he is married or single, but a few years ago, a photo of him was published along with a woman named Neda, which created the rumor that she is his wife.

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Yas: Iranian rapper

The development of Persian rap

Yas has held concerts in different American cities such as Los Angeles, Washington, Las Vegas, New York, Detroit and Chicago, and as a representative of Persian rap music, he has experience performing and participating in music meetings in order to introduce and develop Persian rap in some American universities including the University of Michigan and New York University. Also, Yas was invited to participate in a conference called “Asia Society” and he performed some songs at this conference which was held in Manhattan. He has also performed in Dubai and London.

Yas was also one of the speakers and guests at the special section of the National Conference on Pathology of Youth Issues at Shiraz University in May 2007. At this conference, discussions about rap and the harms of global rap were raised, and Yas said in his words, “His narration of Persian rap is not only one of the social harms, but with a little precision and exactness, it can be very useful as a style of music in Iran. ” He has also cooperated with Tech Nine, the greatest independent rapper in the USA, the name of this joint work is Sound of Unity and it came out in 2014. Tech Nine introduced Yas as his brother from a separate mother in Iran.

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The critics’ reference to the “superficiality” of his works can also be seen as a result of a new belief. A view that makes his complaints and criticisms against the state of the country and the people of the society more like daily criticisms of newspapers and magazines, authorized movies or even soft criticisms of people on the bus and subway. Another thing that greatly contributed to the popularity of Yas, especially among the previous generation (parents of rap audiences), was the respectful language and moralistic literature in accordance with the society’s custom, especially in the first years of its activity. In fact, it was a rap that the teenager could listen to in the presence of his family

A point that set him completely against the literature and songs of other rappers who were younger than him and tried to use the same daily expressions in their works, even sometimes with exaggeration. A feature that was again in contradiction with the frank expression and lack of self-censorship and the use of daily vocabulary.

In addition to the above issues, the topic, time, format and way of releasing Yas’s works constantly strengthened the belief in the minds of his critics that he is more interested in renown and fame than practicing innovation and creativity because despite years of activity, he still has not released an album and his focus has always been on singles, which is not considered a positive feature in the world of music art. In fact, according to critics, most of his early works, as mentioned, were released immediately after a social event.

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